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This website uses cookies to provide a better experience to you. QueenElsa’s cookie policy is simple. She won’t use cookies to knowingly track you or monitor your activities on the internet. Spying isn’t nice. However, she can’t control the actions or behavior of cookies generated by third-party content providers such as Google or Facebook.

Data Collection and Destruction

Data collected for use on this website will only be collected from public locations, such as the Internet, and public IRC channels. Such data is considered as public domain, and immediately usable. In some rare events, data from protected locations such as e-mails and privmsgs on IRC shall be used with appropriate crediting and permission.

Users who believe their data has been inappropriately used on this website may contact QueenElsa on the Undernet IRC Network to make their case for its immediate removal from this website. Please be sure to have evidence ready to prove your claim. Baseless claims will be disregarded.

Individual Privacy

In addition to the above privacy clauses, users can expect the following privacy policy to hold true.
QueenElsa and her website ( shall make no attempt to harvest, sell, or otherwise share your data for profit. Data collected by this website will be done so only for operational purposes. See the below subsection for further information.

Collected Data (and intention)

  • The name of your browser and it’s version number. (To ensure functionality is uniform, despite individual browser quirks)
  • The platform you’re using (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc - as different OSes can cause browsers to behave differently)
  • Your device’s screen size (used to automatically resize the website to fit your screen)
  • Your device’s data connection (Wifi or Mobile Data - to ensure the site renders an appropriate experience without running up unnecessary charges)
  • Your IP address (automatically collected by the server - this is standard for most if not all websites)
  • Your geolocation (automatically retrieved from your IP address - again, this is standard practice for websites)

Operational Use of Data

Data collected by or used on this website may be used to maintain functionality of this website and improve user experience. It may also be used for the proper operation of associated IRC channels on the Undernet IRC Network, and shared with channel and network operators on a as-needed basis at the discretion of this website’s operator.